What our patients are saying…

"The service and care was excellent, it was of the highest professionalism. The best thing about my hearing aids is the streamer which allows me to answer my phones and be able to hear people and control my own volume. They are small and inconspicuous as well, which is a feature that I like."
Duane J. Eaton - Pueblo, CO

"Service & care - Excellent. The best - hearing my partner and T.V. I feel more confident!!! The very BEST of Doctors to work with."
Elizabeth Schmidling - Pueblo, CO

"The service and care was excellent. I like that the hearing aides are easy to put on and I hear better. My family is happy and I can hear better. I am very happy."
Irma Montez - Pueblo, CO

"I am happy with my hearing aids, they help me a lot."
Maria Anne Montoya - Pueblo, CO

"The service is excellent. Aids are good size. I couldn't hear until then."
Virginia L. Simpson - Pueblo, CO

"The staff at HearAid identified and explained the conditions of my hearing loss and offered a variety of solutions to restoring my hearing. The best thing about the aids is no longer missing parts of conversations or TV programs. As a birder and amateur naturalist, I can enjoy the sounds of nature that have been missing for so long! These aids have made an amazing difference in everything that I do. "
Clif Smith - Pueblo, CO

"I can hear in church. I can hear the birds sing. I can hear the tires treading on the road. I can hear background noises. I can hear my grandchildren and my great grandchildren speak. I can hear the train at night and the dog bark down the block. I thank you for taking time for me and helping me with this season of my life to hear better."
Myrle Schade - Pueblo, CO

"Thank you for service I need whenever I call."
Lue Frances Bedlien - Pueblo, CO

"Service was great - Staff exceptional"
Richard Boehm - Boone, CO

"The things you could hear that you haven't heard in years are too many to list. You have such a new world of sound you are to overjoyed with your new ears. I feel like I have gained 20 more years being able to hear again."
I. M. M. - Pueblo, CO

"The hearing aid is great!"
D. M. - Pueblo West, CO

"I could not have asked for any better service…I had given up on hearing aids but when I got so deaf that I had to do something I went to them. They were very careful and took time to make sure they were right."
Frances C. - Pueblo, CO

"Dr. Renee has taken care of my hearing needs for years. I have been very satisfied and that is obvious because of the years of service she has given me and I keep coming back."
Richard H. - Albuquerque, NM

"Service and care was very professional. The things I like best are – I can hear the birds sing (and) when I have a meeting I don't have to guess what people are saying."
Mike H. - Cody, WY

"I have enjoyed having my hearing back. Sunday school class is no longer empty and I can hear the birds sing and locusts buzz. The trees are also part of the afternoon symphony. The staff at HearAid have been so helpful in explaining cleaning techniques and getting procedures done quickly…."
L.H. - Lamar, CO

"Excellent knowledge of products they handle."
Owen K. - Pueblo, CO

"I was treated very well & have nothing but good things to say about the entire experience."
Dorothy N. - Pueblo, CO

"When I first went to Brandi & Renee three years ago I had three old sets of hearing aids from three different companies that didn't work. What a relief it is to have audiologists I can depend on…"
Anne O. - Lamar, CO

"Renee and Brandi have given us excellent service…The hearing aids do help in many ways."
Roy P. - Eads, CO

"I am happy to tell you I have recommended you to a friend, and said that I believe you are very conscientious and concerned about your clients. You have fulfilled my needs and my hearing aids have enhanced my life."
Valeta R. - Lamar, CO

"I received excellent care. I am pleased with the hearing aids…..My husband is happy that I can now hear him when we are travelling."
Marie S. - Trinidad, CO

"Service and care was excellent. These hearing aids are the best I've ever had. Without them I would live in a silent world. I am always happy to travel from Canyon City to Pueblo (40 miles) for her advice and know how…. she inspired trust and confidence from the start – and I've always recommended her to my friends. She has been my audiologist for about 10 years."
Edith T. - Canyon City, CO

"Hearing aids have had a significant impact on my life…I am ever grateful of how she explains every step of changes she makes on my aids... We both have much admiration of her abilities and personal touch…Great job!"
James D. - Salida, CO

"Service and care received excellent. But don’t like to wear hearing aids. Too much bother putting it on."
Rita N. - Lamar, CO

"I don't miss parts of conversations. I don't have to ask people to repeat what they said. No more complaints about the TV being too loud."
Don A. - Hoehne, CO

"I still have some echo and background noise in my unit. Perhaps when I’m in Pueblo I could come by and have it adjusted there. Renee did a terrific job for me, but somehow we can’t seem to eliminate the other sounds. I still have problems with conversation tones."
JoDean H. - Syracuse, KS

"The testing for the aides was done very professionally. The quality of the Siemens is impeccable. I have been very pleased with all of the services provided by HearAid LLC. My wife does not have to repeat statements two or three times as previous. This makes Wendee very happy and in turn me also. Battery life is very good on the Siemens aides and the battery priced right. Thank you."
Eugene L. R. - Pueblo, CO

"I was very pleased with my hearing aids. I was missing out a lot on conversation. Thank you."
Eddie L. C. - Pueblo, CO

"The service at HearAid is prompt, friendly and professionally rendered. Both Dr. Shepard and Dr. Cichon are talented and well trained hearing professionals. Stacie is an efficient and adept office administrator. My new Oticon Epoqs are great – the ability to adjust the settings allow for enhanced hearing in differing environments. Also, the volume control, both manual and remote, is nice. Nice feature, too, for adjusting settings. I'm very pleased. I am recommending to my sister. Both my sister and a friend purchased the products that HearAid sells. I need, both in my job for meetings, luncheons, etc. and my personal life – movies, sporting events. They make my life much more complete. I would likely withdraw from gatherings, public events if I did not have adequate hearing."
John A. M. - Pueblo, CO

"My Oticon hearing aids allow me to hear bass tones that were blocked by my previous hearing aids. I really love the Bluetooth compatibility too."
B. D. - Pueblo, CO

"The care I received from Dr. Shepard was excellent. She took the time to explain everything in terms I understood. She was very pleasant and made the experience very pleasant. I like the hearing aids great. I can hear people when they talk. I can hear the phone ring and best of all I don’t have to turn the TV up on high. The whole staff was great!"
Joe C. - Avondale, CO

"The service and care I received are excellent. I needed in-depth testing and that is what I received."
Richard K. - Pueblo, CO

"I was very pleased with the service I received when purchasing my hearing aids. Dr. Renee was very patient and helpful. I was not only impressed with her professional ability, but also her warm friendly personality. I cannot attest to service on my hearing aids, as I haven’t had them long enough to have any problems, but I feel confident that wouldn’t be an issue."
G. I. J. - Lamar, CO

"The service and care I received was very satisfactory. They were all very kind and helpful. I hear better with my hearing aids."
R. D. - Pueblo, CO

"My hearing aids have become as important as my glasses! They are both on first is the morning and the last thing off at night. I didn't realize how much I was missing. When you live alone there is no one to tell you that the TV or radio is too loud! I also found that I now hear many little noises – the signal from the coffee pot, the coffee was ready, or the directionals in the car! I can't imagine life without my hearing aids!"
E. C. T. - Pueblo, CO

"They work very well. I like them."
Del T. - Fowler, CO

"The service and care I received was excellent. Everyone took the time to explain how to use and care for my hearing aids. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks so much."
Steven G. - Pueblo, CO

"I went to HearAid clinic because of a newspaper article stating it was best to have a Doctor of Audiology to do your hearing test and fitting you with hearing aids. I feel the testing, fitting and treatment I have received as HearAid has been very good. I am quite happy with my new hearing aids as I can use the channels in them to make them adapt to the situation I am using them for at the time. They fit into the ear and give good clear sound improvement. I am a previous user and there are much more adaptable to what I am doing at the time – such as in a restaurant, in the car with my husband with the radio on, and listening to the TV. Our hearing level isn’t the same and the new hearing aids allow for my adjustment as needed."
C. G. - Canyon City, CO

"Service was very professional. Appointments were kept within reasonable tolerance concerning time. Appointments were not rushed, all questions answered to my satisfaction. Price of aids was more than anticipated but if the serve me trouble from for several years that cost will have been worth the price."
Gerald R. P. - Pueblo, CO

"Very, very good service, they made sure I understood everything and that I could take care of the properly. I hear better – they are easy to clean and take care of. I praise the hearing aids and the doctors and would and do tell everyone how pleased I am with them."
Myrna L. S. - Colorado City, CO

"I was very pleased to be referred to HearAid by my ENT doctor. I had an appointment within a week and seen by Dr. Cichon in a pleasant and professional manner. I have to sometimes check my ears to make sure I have my hearing aids in; they are unobtrusive and easy to insert and remove. Without my aids, I would miss out on so much that I took for granted before. I am happy to be functioning as I always have. Thank you all at HearAid!"
Sherry R. - Westcliffe, CO

"I am totally satisfied so far with my aids. I feel so much better being able to hear and understand in most situations."
Gerald M. W. - Pueblo, CO

"I have had hearing loss and worn hearing aids for 14 years. I have has good results; allowing me to hear. However, when my wife finally convinced me, a few months ago, to see a doctor of audiology, and seeing an ad in the newspaper, stopped at the offices of HearAid. Dr. Brandi Shepard immediately saw me for a short consult and I ended my “search” right then. Dr. Brandi Shepard made me feel comfortable with her pleasant manner, her professionalism, knowledge and understanding and her sense of humor. I now wear Oticon hearing aids. I am not only hearing better, but as Dr. Brandi says: “to hear that which I deserve to hear”."
Gordon D. R. - Pueblo, CO

"I appreciate Dr. Cichon referring me to a hearing specialist in Colorado Springs. This turned out to be very valuable. That experience along with my aides has made it possible for me to continue my reaching career!"
P. J. P. - Pueblo, CO

"My wife is happy! I now hear my wife but I can’t see!! Remember the fun times (laughs) we all had."
Lester M. - Pueblo, CO

"The service and the care were great. Dr. Cichon paid attention to my entire questions and answered them so I understood everything. I like that my hearing aids are small and not visible. The hearing aids from long ago and the ones I own now are totally different. These are small and light weight. The first pair I owned enabled me to hear so much more than I did back then. I can remember saying, paper makes noise? But these hearing aids never cease to amaze me, allowing me to hear so much that I never knew I was missing. There are new features that I am still trying to get to work but I’m excited to think there’s more. I recommend everyone who has trouble get aids so they don’t miss out on the unheard things. Life is short, don’t put it off."
Lorraine N. - Pueblo, CO

"My experience with HearAid was very positive. The exam was very thorough and professional. The follow-up was very good, making the transition to the new hearing aids very easy."
Carrol S. - Pueblo West, CO

"My time and experience with HearAid and Dr. Cichon was very positive. She spent time working with me and explaining every detail with me and my wife. She worked hard to make a perfect fit. I would and have recommend HearAid and Dr. Cichon to anyone."
Ralph W. - Pueblo, CO

"Without their complete attention to the hearing problem and a true fix of the problem, we would both struggle every day, trying to cope with the loss I have experienced in hearing. The new aids provided an improvement beyond belief. Thank you for being true to your word, “you will hear better”."
Jim D. - Salida, CO

"The service and care I received was very professional and yet warm and welcoming. Stacie is an asset to your office – she seems very efficient and always has a kind word and smile for you. Dr. Shepard is very knowledgeable and caring. I love the fact that I’m more a part of family, friends & professional groups again – being able to hear what's being said. I didn’t realize how much my hearing had deteriorated until using these hearing aids! Your appointments are always on time & enough time is allowed for the patient. Dr. Shepard has a wonderful sense of humor and I really enjoy my visits to your office. Thank you for improving the quality of my life!!"
Annella D. - Pueblo, CO

"While trying out two new hearing aids last summer, Renee fit me with Oticon Sumo DM and she adjusted the tones. I liked it very well. The service between Renee and Brandi was very professional. I am pleased. This hearing aid gave me a chance to hear things I have not heard in years. After purchasing the Oticon Sumo DM I could hear my microwave beeping when it is done. I could hear my Christmas clock chiming Christmas songs and I heard the flock of geese honking over my backyard. It is what I want to hear. It has made changes for me, and can help many others out there."
Kathryn D. - Pueblo, CO